SDSM, DUI and NSDP voted against extending the passports’ validity  


SDSM and DUI and NSDP voted against extending the validity period of passports. At a Parliament session on Wednesday, the bill submitted by the opposition was put on the agenda, but with the majority of votes by SDSM and DUI, the MPs of the opposition were outvoted. 46 MPs voted in favor, and 54 were against.

“Defending the mistakes made by Oliver Spasovski, the SDSM, DUI and NSDP MPs voted against the law on passports issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia, said VMRO-DPMNE MP AntonijoMiloshoskiin a Facebook post.

“By doing this, unfortunately, SDSM, DUI and NSDP have left 600,000 Macedonian citizens in the lurch, whose right to free movement has been violated, and for a large part, their work permits abroad, permanent residence documents, as well as treatment or education outside of Macedonia,”Miloshoskiadded.

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