We know that this nation will say ENOUGH on May 8, says Mickoski


The smear campaigns of these politicians against their people, our people, cannot wash away their shame, inaction and crime. They are the real face of SDSM. They are the true face of DUI. Well, I have a message for these politicians. The end is near, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Saturday.
“Your end is marked with a date – May 8, 2024. And don’t lie to yourselves that you will stay in power. Don’t think that any scenarios will pass you by. Because no one trusts you anymore. This nation cannot see how incompetent you are, this nation cannot see how much you steal, and this nation knows that this disaster needs to be put an end to by the Government,” said VMRO-DPMNE leader Mickoski at panel discussion on the topic “President who cares about the defense and strategic interests of the country” at the Convention for the selection of a VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.
“On May 8, we know that this nation will say ENOUGH. The people will say we are fed up with thefts, we are fed up with the non-existence of a system, we are fed up with underestimation. It is time for change and that time is coming. This will not be my victory, but only ours, but a victory for every single person in Macedonia against the establishment that drags us down. That time is coming. Better times are ahead,” added the opposition leader.

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