National Forests workers go on strike on Thursday


After a week-long peaceful warning protest, about 2,000 employees in about 30 subsidiaries of the National Forests in the country went on strike starting Thursday with a request to the management team of the Public Enterprise to pay the January and February salaries, the deadline for which is March 15, as well as payment of all allowances from work.

This decision to go on strike three days ago was made by all the employees of JP National Forests with a request for the payment of both salaries, as well as regular payment of all salaries and allowances in the coming period, informs today’s press in Veles in front of the Babuna Branch of JP National Forests, the SSM head Slobodan Trendafilov, who supported the strike. He announced that if the management does not pay them their salary today, the strike will continue in the coming days, until their demands are met.

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