Lefkov: Stevo against Pendarovski – first he said he was in favor of re-election of judges, then he was against


Pendarovski should agree with Stevo whether or not he supports lustration and general re-election of judges and prosecutors, MP and  VMRO-DPMNE EC member Mile Lefkov told a press briefing on Saturday.

“Pendarovski first claimed that he supported the idea of ​​the EU in 2017 not to have a general re-election of judges and prosecutors, and from rallies called for a general re-election. He is directly to blame for the situation in the judiciary. He once said that he supported the EU, so that there would be no general re-election, and when SDS was supposed to do political persecution, he threatened judges and prosecutors with a general re-election in order to put them under the SDS command for political persecution,” said Lefkov.


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