Lefkov: Pendarovski admitted that he and the Government gave Bulgaria the opportunity to block the country on its EU path on historical issues whenever it wanted


Stevo Pendarovski admitted that the SDS/DUI government and he put the state in a subordinate position to Bulgaria and tied our progress towards the EU to Bulgaria’s desire and its interpretation of history, said MP and VMRO-DPMNE EC member Mile Lefkov at a press conference on Thursday.

The opposition official pointed out that Pendarovski himself said that after the historical commissions from the two countries agree on a certain person, the two governments should accept it, if the two governments do not agree, then there will be a veto from Bulgaria on Macedonia’s path to the EU.

“We ask Stevo Pendarovski if he still holds this position or if he has also changed it, or should he first ask SDS if he can still have such a position,” Lefkov said.

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