Instead of representing state positions, Pendarovski called Boyko Borisov “darling”


The past seven years with SDSM and five years with Pendarovski were a humiliation for the nation and the state, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov on Saturday.
“Instead of representing state positions, he brought greetings from Zaev to Bulgaria and called Boyko Borisov “darling”.
From calling Boyko “darling”, we got to a veto from Bulgaria for joining the European Union. Somehow Pendarovski’s love was unrequited.
Instead of representing the country with dignity and integrity and building relations, Pendarovski destroys the image of the country with humility and frivolity.
From Pendarovski’s “great love” with Boyko, what remained was the basket he received from the Bulgarian political leadership and the Bulgarian dictator. Macedonia does not need a president who will be humble in front of foreign representatives, but in front of the people,” said the opposition MP.

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