FCSE students stage protest: WE demand a suitable building for the Faculty!


Students and staff at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FCSE) staged a protest Thursday in front of the Government, voicing their dissatisfaction with the studying conditions and demanding a suitable building for the Faculty.
At the protest under the motto “FCSE has no building – we study in front of the Government”, the students set up an improvised classroom in order to draw attention to the unresolved spatial conditions.
Supported by the informal organization “Student Revolution”, the protest follows a series of conclusions made by the management of FCSE at the session held on the 18th of this month. In the conclusions, the faculty asked the Government to make a decision on temporary or permanent use of the building of KP no. 1856, Karposh, without compensation, and to oblige the Ministry of Education and Science to provide adequate space and relocate the Education Development Bureau within three months.

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