Administrative Court cancels three decisions of the Government for illegally annulling Toshkovski’s decisions


The Administrative Court passed judgments that annulled three illegal decisions of the Government, announced today the Caretaker Minister of Interior Panche Toshkovski.

“The canceled decisions are the two decisions on establishing assignment commissions and one telegram for the implementation of an internal advertisement for filling vacancies in the Ministry of Interior, which were passed by me, and which were illegally annulled by the Government,” Toshkovski said in a social media post.

The Administrative Court assessed that the government, by canceling the decisions, violated the rules of procedure, embarking on an evaluation of their legality after disagreements between the caretaker minister and the deputy minister on whether it was a question of legal, financial and staffing issues for the organization of the elections. Instead, the government was obliged to refer the dispute to the SEC, which should make a decision within 24 hours and notify the Government.

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