It’s time for a system with 90 MPs and single electoral disctrict, says Mickoski


The right time has come, in conditions where savings need to be made, to downside the Parliament to 90 MPs, and in the future to fulfill the request of the smaller political parties for single electoral district, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, promoting the program with which the opposition party will perform in the elections in May.

We will initiate a comprehensive discussion within the Parliament for a one-time and single constitutional amendment that will reduce the number of MPs, Mickoski said, speaking about their plans for the arrangement of the Macedonian political system.

Discussing the “Platform 1198” program, the opposition leader says that VMRO – DPMNE knows how to make projects and programs that will be the best answer to the real problems that the citizens of Macedonia live with. According to Mickoski, this is a deeply visionary program dedicated to the development of Macedonia, the quality of life of all citizens, as well as putting people first.

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