Does SDSM pay a foreign consultant from the tenders that the Belarusian consul won in TPP Bitola?


VMRO-DPMNE deputy party leader Aleksandar Nikoloski stated that the reason for Venko Filipche’s engagement in the 4th electoral unit is a potential leadership battle within SDSM after the elections and who will take over the leadership of the party. Nikoloski urged Filipche to give answers to many of the public’s questions, such as the procurement of vaccines, the modular hospital in Tetovo, the Oncology case, etc.
VMRO-DPMNE has received credible information that Asaf Eisin was paid in hand, that is, in cash, from funds suspiciously obtained by the SDSM political party, mostly from tenders in the TPP Bitola.
“Therefore, we want to ask, is it possible that the foreign consultant was paid from the tenders that the Belarusian consul won for TPP Bitola? And is this the way this foreign consultant was paid? And is the control done through the persons who are located in the business premises of a hotel on the quay of Vardar, to be more precise behind the City Stadium?,” said Nikoloski.

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