Government’s decision to hire 459 people on contract basis in public health care is illegal


The Government at a session held on 27.02.2024 acted according to the Notification from the Ministry of Health for the employment of new persons in case of urgent and urgent matters in the PHI. Following the instructions from the Government, on 12.03.2024, the MoF submitted to the FZO a notice of secured financial means for hiring 459 persons with a work contract in thirty-five PHI, Additional Deputy Minister of Finance Elena Petrova said in a Facebook post on Monday.

“This IS CONTRARY to the Electoral Code, according to which ONLY EMPLOYMENT FOR A SPECIFIC TIME IS ALLOWED AFTER THE CALLING OF THE ELECTIONS FOR URGENT AND URGENT MATTERS. It is a procedure that is carried out with a public announcement in which interested persons can participate and a person who meets the conditions can be selected. The short term contract is a relationship that is established with a specific person, without the possibility of involving more interested parties”, said the minister.

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