Person lied about being an ANB employee and was extorting a company manager


The Skopje Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an Order to conduct an investigative procedure against a person for whom there is a well-founded suspicion of extortion and false representation.

In the period between 14.12.2023 and 05.04.2024, the defendant falsely presented himself as an official – an employee of the National Security Agency and with serious threats forced an injured person to give him money, jewelry, cars and other goods in a total amount of approximately 180,000 euros.

Presenting himself as an employee of ANB and an intermediary for the payment of a debt, the suspect put pressure on the damaged 54-year-old, a company manager, with threats to his life and that of his family, and on several occasions took money, three cars, two mobile phones, gold rings and other jewelry.

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