Father accused of forcing his children beg in Skopje and Veles, then spent the money at a casino


The Veles Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an Order to conduct an investigative procedure against a person from the village of Izvor in the Municipality of Chashka for two crimes – Neglect and abuse of a child from Article 201 paragraph 2 in connection with paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

There is a well-founded suspicion that in the time period from 2021 to 04/03/2024, the suspected father, grossly neglecting his duty of care and education, neglected his own two children and led them to begging out of self-interest. He took the children to different locations in Skopje and Veles, made them beg, and then took their money and spent it in a casino.

The public prosecutor submitted to the judge of the preliminary procedure from the Veles Basic Court a proposal for determining the measure of detention for the suspect, because there is a flight risk, a risk to repeat the crime or influence the damaged children.

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