Over 2,000 citizens requested an ID number for work within the Open Balkan initiative


The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia announced that until April 2 this year, 2,239 citizens requested an Open Balkan ID number for free access to the labor market of Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania.

Last year and this year, until March 26, regional units of the National Employment Service of Serbia issued a total of 556 work permits to citizens of North Macedonia and 99 work permits to citizens of Albania. In the first three months of this year (January 1 – March 26), 62 Macedonians and ten Albanians were employed in Serbia.

“Citizens’ interest is great. It is similar in North Macedonia and Albania, and the result is easier access to work, because in just a few steps every candidate can solve the issue of work and residence permit, without additional costs, waiting at counters, unnecessary documentation, said AleksandarRadovanović, head of the Center for Regional Cooperation at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

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