“Boss” of illegal wiretapping Goran Grujevski arrested, then released, in Zagreb


KLAN TV learns that on April 13, 2024, Goran Grujevski, born on October 13, 1966, a citizen of the Republic of N. Macedonia, was arrested in Zagreb, against whom an international warrant has been issued.
Goran Grujevski was the head of the Fifth Administration in the Ministry of Interior. He, along with Boshkovski, were the main defendants in the “Target Fortress” trial. Grujevski, as reported by KlanM, was also accused in the “Fortress 2” case, for illegally burning documents, the evidence of illegal wiretapping, but also in the “Arch” case together with Sasho Mijalkov and Nebojsha Stajkovikj for illegally supplying wiretapping equipment from the United Kingdom.
Grujevski and Boshkovski escaped after the Court of Appeals issued the detention decision. Instead of sending them to prison as KlanM reported, the court gave them a week to appeal to the Supreme Court. The two used that to flee the country.

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