Mijalkov family to build a hotel in the forest near “Gorica 3” in Ohrid, a state treasure has been sold, who gave the permission?


The non-governmental organization “O2 Initiative” announced that the former UBK head Sasho Mijalkov is building a hotel in Ohrid.
Gorica 3, Ohrid. After a long time, the planned hotel begins to be built. The hill painstakingly reforested by humans in the last century, sold about 10 years ago, area of 15,778 m2, cleared, owned by DEVELOP GROUP DOO Skopje which is owned by the Mijalkov family, which also owns the Marriott Hotel on Macedonia Square in Skopje.
DEVELOP GROUP is officially owned by Aleksandar Ivanovski – known as Alek Terranova and BEST WAY INVESTMENT DOOEL Skopje, owned by Jordan Mijalkov, the son of Sasho Mijalkov.

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