EUR 10 million spent for school procurements without transparency


Nearly €10 million is spent without transparency for procurements in schools, financed with money from the parents, shows a research of the Center for Civil Communications.

The research, conducted in 96 elementary and high schools in eight municipalities across the country, reveals that procurements for insurance, uniforms for the students, class photos, lunch, etc, have been completed in procedures lacking clearly defined rules that would have allowed the most favorable bids to be selected. Public ads are published only for field trips because the Education Ministry had adopted procedures for them in 2014.

Most schools cannot explain how the firms, whose services are paid for by the parents, have been selected. The Center for Civil Communications points out that even in the schools that had provided decisions for the selection, the parents’ councils cannot determine how the bids had been collected, i.e. who had decided which firms should be asked for bids for procurements.

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