Kovachevski: The volume of trade is up by 22 percent with the Open Balkan initiative


Open Balkan is an original initiative that originates from the region and was formed by three countries, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia. It is based on the four freedoms of the EU, and in its essence, in its foundation, it has the postulates of the functioning of the EU. It is the free movement of people, capital, products and free movement of services. When you look at the initiatives that were made within the Open Balkan, it is exactly that.

I would like to start from the results that have been achieved. First of all, we have increased trade between Macedonia and Serbia thanks to that cooperation by 50%, between Macedonia and Albania by 40%. And, in total, the increased volume of trade is 22 percent between the three countries, said SDSM leader Dimitar Kovachevski in an interview with MIA.


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