Quarter of young people spend too much time on social media and their “political voice” is not being heard, shows ICS survey


The majority of young people choose Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as the most interesting for following news, and news about education, science and technology are the most attractive to them. Almost a quarter of them are “worryingly” too often on social media. Active search and response to information is not common for young people. They are considered able to recognize misinformation, but more than half may have shared misinformation without knowing it. Politics and political parties are the source of most incorrect or misleading information and their political views on social developments in the country are not heard.

This is shown by the survey carried out by the Institute for Communication Studies (ICS) on the eve of the presidential and parliamentary elections, the purpose of which is to determine the media and news usage habits of young people, their ability to recognize misinformation and how civically and politically engaged they are.


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