Deputy Finance Minister Nikoloski: We continue to implement the reforms defined with our partners


Macedonia is committed and remains firmly committed to the implementation of structural reforms. The reforms have been defined together with international partners and significant support in their implementation has been confirmed by the World Bank through the new four-year Partnership Framework with a credit portfolio of close to 700 million US dollars.

Confirmation of support for the reforms was also expressed at the meetings of the Deputy Minister of Finance Filip Nikoloski at the World Bank with the Vice President of the World Bank Antonella Bassani, the Executive Director of the World Bank Eugene Rhuggenaath and the Director of the World Bank for the Western Balkans Xiaoqing Yu.

Nikoloski also said that the first group of loan agreements from the new framework has already been approved, i.e. 93.8 million euros have been secured for development policies, 27.5 million euros for the improvement of social services, as well as 31 million euros for the upgrade and development of roads.


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