11 people worked at the Toxicology clinic with patients for 4 months, they did not have contracts or proper education


For almost four months, some people put on white coats and worked with patients at the Toxicology Clinic, while they did not have any work contract or proper education.

This was determined in the extraordinary inspection supervision of DSZI after receiving a complaint from employees of the Clinic. The inspectors found that 11 people were illegally practicing health care, some of them without proper education. Among those were five nurses, three paramedics, two biologists and one laboratory technician, TV Sitel reported.

A decision was issued to take the following measures. Health services at the Clinic should be provided by health professionals, associates who have valid contracts, health services should be provided by healthcare professionals who have appropriate education in accordance with the law. The medical and organizational director should carry out the duties of independent, and especially joint competence, the DSZI head Dr. Renata Mladenovska said.


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