Macedonians vote for president in the seventh presidential elections today


Macedonian nationals are voting on Wednesday for a head of state who should lead the country for the next five years. Seven candidates participated in the election race, and 1,814,317 citizens will vote for them. In order to elect a president today, he needs the support of more than half of the voters registered in the single voting list, or 907,159 voters.

If no one receives such support, a second round will be organized within 14 days from the end of the first round of voting, in which the two candidates with the highest number of votes received in the first round enter.

The second round will be held on May 8 and it will coincide with the parliamentary elections.

In the second round of voting for president, the candidate who received the majority of the votes will be elected, if more than 40 percent of the registered voters went to the polls.


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