Toxicology Clinic flooded by burst radiator, no insurance to cover the damage


Hospital rooms on the first floor and the doctor’s offices on the second floor of the Toxicology Clinic as well as hallways on the ground floor, and parts of the basement were flooded Thursday night, Toxicology Clinic medical director Danil Petrovski said on Friday, adding that the damage was yet to be assessed. An employee of the Toxicology Clinic warned about such an accident a few days ago, who, through a letter addressed to the media, warned that the Toxicology Clinic is not insured. According to the information of the media, the medical director Dr. Danil Petrovski signed for the clinic to be insured, but the economic director Besija Ilazi did not give the binding signature for the solution, so the clinic is not insured.

“The clinic has not implemented a procedure for property insurance, insurance of expensive medical equipment and insurance against medical malpractice, because acting months, although we are obliged to do so by law,” reads the statement made by the Toxicology employees.

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