Is it European when Ahmeti shouts UCHK in Skopje and when a young boy who happens to be his nephew buys Soravia


While swearing in the EU, they are buying Soravia, while they are talking about justice, they are starting fist fights the air traffic control in Skopje. While the people are starving, they celebrate their birthdays in state institutions. While they are talking about standards, they are stealing from cancer patients at the Oncology Clinic. And you should know that they haven’t learned a single lesson. SDSM has not distanced itself from the DUI crime, nor does it intend to. And from DUI they use the same narrative that they were a European party, at the same time when their pockets are lined with EU money, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at the campaign rally in Vinica.

The opposition leader also directed a question to the DUI, and to Kovachevski, who continues to remain silent, whether when Ali Ahmeti shouted UCHK, UCHK in the middle of Skopje is a European act? Does it befit the European front of DUI and SDSM?, said Mickoski.

“Just like the purchase of Soravia by a young man, who just happens to be Ahmeti’s nephew, just like Merko is a European mayor… like Artan who drove an Audi with police flashers on behalf of the company that won a tender at Shapka? Well, all this is very European, it brings us directly to the EU,” stressed party leader Mickoski.


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