SDS is working on two scenarios, a mass turnout for the people to get their country back, says VMRO-DPMNE


SDS know that they will lose disastrously in the second election round, and instead of accepting defeat honestly, they think they will manipulate the people, said VMRO-DPMNE on Saturday.

The main opposition party points out that SDSM is working on two scenarios which are essentially a conspiracy against Macedonia.

“The first is the boycott scenario. The Europeans and the SDS democrats, who have recovered from stealing, want to boycott because the people do not like them and will experience a severe debacle. With this scenario, they want to consciously cause a constitutional crisis. The second scenario is a bargaining division with DUI of departments and ministries, where Kovachevski left it to Ahmeti to determine how many ministries he would give to SDS and which ones. The despair is so great that Kovachevski accepts everything, including all ministries, to be led by DUI, not realizing that the defeat is also due to the fact that the party lost its identity by running to please Ahmeti,” reads VMRO-DPMNE’s press release.

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