PPO demands precautionary measures for persons from the Youth and Sport Agency suspected of negligent work


The Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that a request has been submitted for the provision of precautionary measures for 12 persons from the Youth and Sport Agency in connection with the case of allocation of funds from the voucher system.

“Acting on the initiative submitted by the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, the competent public prosecutor filed an indictment against 12 persons for criminal acts – Abuse of official position and Malpractice. For the suspects, a proposal for the determination of precautionary measures has been submitted to the Basic Criminal Court Skopje,” informed the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) said more than a year ago that due to suspicions of abuse and non-compliance with the voucher system of funding foundations and sports clubs, it will submit to the Public Prosecutor’s Office an initiative for criminal prosecution of the AMS director Naumche Mojsovski and the members of the AMS Central Commission.

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