Macedonian Prime Minister kisses the UCHK flag and celebrates Tahir Sinani, a united Albania fighter


The first Albanian Prime Minister of Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, kissing the flag of the UChK, which fought against the Macedonian army, celebrated Tahir Sinani, a fighter for a united Albania, i.e. the unification of all Albanian territories, including Macedonia, TV Alfa reported on Monday.

Sinani was also the commander of the 116th Xhemo Hasa-Gostivari brigade in the UChK in the 2001 military conflict.

Although he is the Prime Minister of Macedonia, Xhaferi did not go to bow before the grave of the greatest Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delchev on May 4th, but only a day later he went to Tropoja, Albania, where a manifestation was organized in honor of Tahir Sinani. Former commander Forina boasted about this event on social media.

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