Macedonians, Albanians and everyone else feel the same about bad quality of life, says Miteva


It is a fact that Macedonians and Albanians and Turks and Vlachs and all other citizens in Macedonia have the same problem. When we say that life is difficult in terms of existential issues and in terms of the poor standard of living that we have, we also feel it, says VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson and MP candidate Marija Miteva.

“We also think about how we will help and feed a family at home, we also think about how much we will earn, what we will leave to our children, we also think about whether someone will really ask us for corruption for something that is due to us or a bribe or whether we will be able to do it according to the laws that rule. And when we find ourselves in a situation where we conclude that there is no system in the country, then the citizens say that maybe with these financial resources that I have, I will go live abroad because somewhere there they will respect me and this will not happen to me. happens,” said Miteva.

“We must stop such policies and we must be aware that when the problem is the same, the solution should be the same for everyone,” added the opposition MP candidate.


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