Bread prices won’t go up in the next two months, companies complain of liquidity issues


There are changes in the prices of grain on the world stock exchanges, but for now, at least for at least 1.5 to two months, the price of bread and other basic food products in the country will not change, say the bakers. According to them, after a month or two, an analysis will be made again considering the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the turbulence in the Middle East, as well as the increase in the price of oil, which may mean a higher price of raw materials in food and in general, in the entire industry.

“We, the Agribusiness Chamber, claim that in the coming period there will be stability in the price of food products, at least in the segment of grain and bakery products. The great pressure we have is of a different nature and lasts at least a year. It is about the large outflow of human resources in Western and tourist countries such as Greece and Croatia. The liquidity of the companies that are facing a lack of finance is also a problem,” said Goran Gjorgjievski from the Agribusiness Chamber.

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