Greek MFA: North Macedonia’s EU path and relations with Greece depend on the use of the constitutional name


The bilateral relations with the neighboring country and its European path depend on the full implementation of the Prespa Agreement and on the use of the country’s constitutional name, the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a reaction to Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova’s inauguration and the use of the term “Macedonia”, noting that this move violates both the Agreement and the Constitution.
The Greek MFA’s reaction reads that “during today’s inauguration in the Parliament, despite the fact that in the official text of the oath that was dictated to her, the country was under the name “North Macedonia”, the new president of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mrs. Siljanovska- Davkova, chose to refer to the country as “Macedonia”.
“This procedure clearly violates the Prespa Agreement, but also the Constitution of the neighboring country, which is in line with its international obligations,” said the Greek MFA.

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