AETM analysis: Macedonians spent €573.4 million online last year


Last year, Macedonians spent €573.4 million abroad using their payment cards, of which 34 percent, or €195.6 million were spent online, purchasing products and services related to travel and transactions for online flight tickets and hotel reservations, shows analysis made by Macedonian e-Commerce Association (AETM) based on published data from the National Bank.

“Compared to 2022, Macedonians spent 25.3% more in 2023 for purchasing products and services with payment cards from foreign e-merchants. The number of e-transactions to foreign countries is 4.6 million, and the average transaction is €43. 72% of the value and 80% of the number of e-transactions made are in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Ireland, the United States, Luxembourg, Greece and Germany,” AETM said.

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