Double murder suspect found dead in his prison cell


The Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an order for the autopsy of the deceased detainee in the Kumanovo Penitentiary, the Public Prosecutor’s office (PPO) informed on Thursday.
The detainee, suspected of the double murder and attempted murder of members of the extended family from the Kumanovo village of Gabresh, was found dead in a detention unit in Kshanje on Monday, May 13, 2024. According to initial information, he committed suicide. The Ministry of Interior only confirmed the case.

Sixty-seven-year-old D.Gj. was awaiting trial, as the prosecution suspected him of double murder and attempted murder. On February 21, 2024, the police arrested D.Gj. for shooting his sister and her two sons with a gun he owned with a license after a domestic dispute. Sixty-three-year-old D. R. and thirty-eight-year-old T. R. died after the shooting, and thirty-six-year-old Zh. R. suffered gunshot wounds. A day later, the PPO decided to detain D. Gj. who was awaiting trial.

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