Country’s business climate is good, there’s a lack of professional staff, say German companies


German companies in Macedonia rate the business climate as good or very good, but there is a trend of a slight decrease in planned investments, and one of the reasons for this is the lack of professional staff.
The survey conducted among German investors and member companies of the Macedonian-German Economic Association shows that 37 percent of them stated that they intend to reduce the planned current investments, 33 percent to leave them at the same level, and 30 percent to increase the investments.
One of the decisive factors is the growing shortage of professional staff. As many as 70 percent of German companies in the country believe that the lack of professional staff is one of the biggest risks, and the lack of professional staff reflects on current production and on the reduction of planned current investments.
However, as it was pointed out at the press conference, Macedonia remains an attractive investment location for German companies, as evidenced by the data from the survey that 69 percent of the companies stated that they would invest in the country again.

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