Mitsotakis: Greece will not ratify the three memorandums of the Prespa Agreement


Greece will not ratify the three memorandums of cooperation until North Macedonia fully honors the Prespa Agreement provisions; any deviations from it will influence the country’s European path and bilateral relations, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told Greek Sky TV in an interview on Wednesday.
The three memorandums refer to the process of North Macedonia’s accession to the EU, economic cooperation between Greece and North Macedonia, and airspace surveillance.
“I am sorry that Mr. Kaselakis is adopting the worst habits of his predecessor. I pointed out the problems from the Prespa Agreement because it defines the terms Macedonian and the Macedonian language. I also warned the new government in Skopje with a clear statement that any deviation from the Prespa Agreement will have serious consequences both in the relationship with us and in relation to the path to Europe. Regarding the memorandums, SYRIZA is now demanding that we ratify the memoranda and cancel the most basic weapon we have to respect and implement the agreement. What SYRIZA is asking of us is an act that reaches the limits of absurdity,” Mitsotakis said.

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