Public Prosecutors Council member Memetisuspected of bribery in the BoroMalboro case


The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecuting Organized Crime and Corruption launched an investigation Tuesday against Supreme Court judge NakjeGeorgiev and Council of Public Prosecutors member IxhetMemeti who are suspected of “accepting a reward for unlawful influence”. The suspicion is that Memeti along with the suspected judge NakjeGeorgiev had influence by abusing the position of a member of the Council of Public Prosecutors in the case of a request for a bribe for extenuating circumstances for the ex-mayor who is in custody, BoroStojchev.

IxhetMemeti is considered to be close to DUI, and was the Ombudsman for two terms. He is also a former Minister of Justice, Constitutional Judge, State Counselor in the Government and a member of the State Election Commission.

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