Kovachevski resigns as SDSM leader


SDSM leader Dimitar Kovachevski has officially resigned from the post of party leader.
“We inform you that at today’s session of the SDSM Executive Board, party leader Dimitar Kovachevski confirmed his resignation from the SDSM leader post, which he announced on May 8, as a highly moral act, and in accordance with the Party Statute, he initiated the convening of a Congress of SDSM for the purpose of analyzing the election results and a declaration of confidence in the bodies of the SDSM, elected by the Congress, in view of the election results,” said SDSM.
“SDSM suffered a defeat in the parliamentary and presidential elections, which gave it a heavy blow, not only from the citizens, but also from the supporters, some of the current, as well as some of the members of the party organized in another political entity, and stimulated by former holders of high party positions.
Both the party leadership and I have a responsibility, as do all appointed and elected officials, including all party officials at the local and central levels. No one is really free of responsibility,” reads part of Kovachevski’s resignation letter.

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