MDS reaction to the job ads for diplomats abroad in the pre-election


The Macedonian Diplomatic Union (MDS) sharply reacted and condemned the act of publishing job ads for sending more than fifteen diplomats abroad in the post-election period, that is, just ten days before the new Minister of Foreign Affairs takes office, the MDS said on Wednesday.

“If it is taken into account that the procedure for sending diplomats abroad lasts from one to three months, in order to prepare the selected diplomats for the mission in question, it becomes completely unclear what is the purpose of such a step in this transition period. The union believes that the procedure is not politically correct, but above all it is not correct towards the colleagues who would possibly be selected for such an announcement, which would put them in an unenviable position.

Given the fact that the final decision on the most appropriate personnel solutions in diplomatic consular representations is made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the MDS considers that this announcement is a political manipulation of the outgoing Minister in order to leave open problems for the new management. In view of the above, the MDS will be completely exempted from participating in the selection procedures for these disputed announcements,” said the MDS.

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