Instead of a journalists’ organization, AJM behaves like a tele-directed structure of commissioned persecutions, says Dukovski


In the short comment under the TV presenter Bogdan Ilievski’s post, in which he comments on the actions of the journalists’ associations, law attorney Dukovski says:
“I think of three things:
1. There is one thing, constitutionally guaranteed, called freedom of speech.
2. How come Bogdan Ilievski is a “night show host” and he is not a journalist either, so you should not protect him as well?
3. Why would you address foreign institutions?
4. Do you know what hate speech is – obviously not.
5. AJM, stop for once being, instead of a dedicated journalistic organization, a tele-directed structure of ordered persecutions.
Once again, read what hate speech is before writing such nonsense.”
In Ilievski’s Facebook post, AJM sees threats and incitement of hate speech on social media against their TV24 colleague, and because of this,AJM is filing a criminal complaint against Ilievski.
Ilievski’s comment refers to the gratitude for the time that the journalist expressed to the Greek MP, in which she says “here in Skopje, North Macedonia”.

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