While VMRO-DPMNE is building a consensus for Macedonia’s development, all SDSM care about is a leadership race within the party, says Miteva


While VMRO-DPMNE ensures unity and builds consensus on issues important to the system and the development of the state, without any mortgages to anyone, the only opponents of that are Zaev’s “children”, such as Venko Filipche and Slavjanka Petrovska. Instead of the citizens, all they care about is a leadership race within the party, said VMRO-DPMNE MP and spokesperson Marija Miteva.
“The amendments to the Law on the organization of the work of the state administration bodies are rational and very necessary, they were also worked on with representatives of the EU and are part of the IPA program. No political actor in the country can challenge them or not support them if he thinks well of the country and has no ulterior motives. In contrast to our focus on state processes, Venko Filipche and Slavjanka Petrovska put their career before the country’s best interests. And from the first day, they showed that SDS will work on a plan to stop the progress of the country,” said Miteva.

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