Businessmen are fleeing Macedonia, people close to the government want to take over their businesses


What is happening in the country? Businessmen who are doing well are buying one-way tickets, even though it has long been said that we have a liberal atmosphere in the economy without political interference. But it doesn’t seem to be the case.
What is it really about? It has been a while in many Macedonian cities, and businessmen themselves have been saying it to their loved ones that they have to share their work with someone very close to the government. The VMRO-DPMNE’s previous ruling by the then-opposition SDSM and its supporters of the Colorful Revolution was strongly opposed to such occurrences. However, forced business association does not choose political affiliation and whether it was a supporter of the option.
One of the most recent examples in this regard is in the “city of consuls” where the businessman who has been doing quite well, and has secured a bargain with the largest industrial capacity in Bitola, is now firmly determined to leave Macedonia with the excuse of going abroad, while telling others that he would go to the United States to see his child.
This is just one example, not to mention the brain drain that feels betrayed by the state and promises, and cannot stand the function of institutions.

The question is who are those people close to the government? Does this interfere with the business interests of the Zaev family? Who wants to share the cake with businessmen? Does anyone care that this sends a message to everyone in the world that there is no free business and investment space in our country? By doing this, do we chase away all capable and clever individuals in order to feed someone’s personal greedy appetites?

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