Air pollution reduction by 50% Mickoski pledges, and billion euros for gasification and environmental measures


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told a large crowd at today's rally that the
future VMRO-DPMNE government will invest no less than a billion euros in
environmental protection.

-So that our loved ones can breathe clean air. Energy efficiency projects and fast,
express gasification of Macedonia. I can't promise you that pure alpine air will start
blowing right away, it's impossible, but I can promise you at least 50% cleaner
ambient air for Macedonian citizens, he said.
Mickoski promised investment in education for the youngest in preschool, for student
dormitories, at least one Shanghai-listed university.
In education, Mickoski promised no less than a billion euros worth of investments.
-No criminal tenders in healthcare, not criminal tenders for new conceived clinical
centers. New hospitals and renovated clinics, clinical centers according to citizens'
needs, more than 2 billion euros in one term investment in health and medical staff.
Let's not fill clinics in Europe and the world with our doctors, they should stay here in
Macedonia and treat Macedonian citizens, said Mickoski.
Among the many projects he mentioned, he announced that they are preparing a
special package for farmers, regular payment of subsidies, not just once per year.

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