Angjusev: One cannot survive on minimum wage


Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev was on tonight’s TV show Trend Analysis, where he said the minimum wage protects people who have no alternative. He said there should be no illusion that one could survive on the minimum wage.

Although the statements of the Deputy Prime Minister are convincing, it was reported that the businessman and currently Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Koco Angjusev, is hiring from a job announcement published through the Employment Agency on 26.07.2018, a warehouseman who would work for a certain period of time for a minimum wage of 12 thousand denars full time from 8 am to 4 pm.

If for Koco Angjusev what he offers as a salary is a good example of a successful economic policy then what is left for other private owners and what happens with the statements that he cannot survive on the minimum wage of 14,500 while on 26.07.2018 the same vice prime minister is hiring a worker that would work for 12,000 denars.

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