Record number of HIV/AIDS patients in Macedonia, 57 new cases last year alone


Highest number of HIV/AIDS cases have been registered in the country this year. According to data from the Institute of Public Health in 2019 there are 57 newly discovered, 16 more than last year. Among the newly infected, only 2 are women, and most men got infected through homosexual intercourse.

The average age is 34, and there are 19 year olds and people over 50 years of age. Almost half of the new cases are from Skopje, and there are infected in other 12 cities.

This year 700 people were tested for HIV in the country. Only one third of the virus was diagnosed in a timely manner, which is crucial for further treatment. In the 32 years since the first case in the country 460 people with HIV / AIDS have been registered, 104 have died.

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