Boki 13 had a tape to prove who left with the money


The lawyer of Bojan Jovanovski-Boki 13, the defendant in the “Racket” case, claims that his client’s confiscated wardrobe was purchased much earlier than the period to which the indictment relates, and that it was no proof of his guilt in the opening  statement of the trial.

– I have no intention of proving who I am, but this is shameful rhetoric. Public lynching is being done on us, endangering my life and that of my family. There is a dirty political game that ends on these shoulders. This criminal justice event has become a sensation. The prosecutor’s brutal performance follows the one with the announcement of investigating  judges. It is a threat to this trial chamber as well, said Jovanovski.

He said the truth of the case would come to light.

– I will testify to the organizers and supporters of this event and file criminal charges. Cameras from my parents’ house will prove who leaves with the bag and where, said defendant Jovanovski.

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