Fiasco of the foreign investments, the outflow higher than the inflow


About 131m euros worth of capital entered the country in nine months this year. That is the amount of foreign direct investment in the three quarters, and judging by that figure, the year will end up much worse than last year. Namely, in 2018 foreign direct investments in the country were 614 million euros, which was one of the better results in recent years.

If you analyze the data for these nine months, the bad result is due to the high amount written down as a return on investment. According to National Bank statistics, from January to September this year over 262 million euros were poured from Macedonia on the basis of return investments. While direct investments in the country are smaller, i.e. they amount to 169 million euros.

Viewed annually, if in 2018 there was a record, the previous 2017, the inflow of foreign direct investment was only 182 million euros. In 2016, it amounted to EUR 339 million and the previous EUR 216 million.

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