Ljubomir Jovevski assumes Janeva’s authorities at the SPO


Ljubomir Joveski will assume Janeva’s position at the SPO. The amendments to the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office, which should resolve the status of employees in the SPPO, propose that the State Prosecutor be authorized to sign orders for all costs. The changes will be discussed at a parliamentary session scheduled for December 11. It is up to the human being to decide whether the staff that the SPO takes from the institutions will return to their old jobs or not. They, in turn, will be able to decide whether they want to return to their current job. Salary allowances are proposed to be up to 35% of basic. Human’s briefing with reporters did not want to comment much.

“The issue of the salaries of the public prosecutors in this prosecution will be dealt with at the moment when conditions are created for someone to make a decision about it, now it would be really prejudicial,” Joveski said.

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