As with everything else in his career, Zaev has gotten worse this time around


Today you will not hear a statement or a call from SDSM calling us to support an authentic interpretation of an article of the Amnesty Law, which they did not support yesterday. You will not hear it, because they have fallen into their own trap and the masks are off. Like everything else in his career, Zaev has also gambled badly, gambled on the topic of amnesty and lost, wrote VMRO DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

It turns out that he is fighting for what he is, and that the main beneficiary of the amnesty in this country is the first person in the government. But worse than this is that such people run our country and decide the fates of everyone.

And on this occasion, since SDSM no longer has anything to call on, I still ask why Zaev does not accept a ban on amnesty for politicians, amnestied politicians not to engage in politics, and whether this time he plans to hide through parliamentary immunity, with property whose origin does not want to be investigated? I will mention that the questions become rhetorical, because you already know the answers, wrote Mickoski.

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