Mickoski: The government arrogantly above people, that is the reality in Macedonia


This is the reality in Macedonia, the government acts arrogantly above people VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickovski commented on yesterday’s incident between Mayor Petre Shilegov and a dissatisfied citizen.

“Talk is great, but there is nothing in reality” is the great reality that one of our fellow citizens told the Skopje mayor, to which he replied “so don’t ever vote for me”. This is the reality in Macedonia. The same government led by Zaev that used to say that we are the best, and in reality we are the best in defeat, poverty and crime, but the people cannot be bribed or deceived. The citizens are well aware that Zaev is guilty and the citizens’ response arrives on April 12. I am convinced that this sentence of the mayor from the government will be remembered by every citizen.

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