At least 10 other EU member states support France for a new methodology


French President Macron is not alone in the idea of ​​introducing a new methodology for EU membership negotiations. President Pendarovski said in an interview with the Detector that official Paris has the support of at least 10 to 11 member states seeking reform in the Union.

“Without internal reform and without a new methodology no one will be able to enter,” Macron said. That’s correct. There was the first debate on the French proposal for a new methodology at the General Affairs Council last month. It is true that at least one of the 10 or 11 states at least, as far as I am aware has said that a new methodology, has improved is necessary. So it is true that the need to be a better candidate so that we could be a better member in the future has existed for a long time within the EU,” Pendarovski tells Detector.

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