Mickoski says that when he becomes prime minister he will give up his privileges


“As President of the Government of Macedonia, the first thing I will do is give up many of the privileges that the Prime Minister has, and I can list them for you, and in the part of the economy, the first thing we will do is return flat tax. This is what we will do in the first year, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said in an interview with ‘Journal’.

Asked if he was considering reducing the number of deputy prime ministers and having one deputy prime minister, he replied:

– There is an intra-party debate especially in the area of ​​Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs because somehow that position accumulates great power, and essentially without any responsibilities. Experimental policies are often made with no results, and at the expense of the Ministry of Economy gaining more weight, and even going so far in the future to divide it into two smaller ministries: a ministry that will handle issues in the field of mineral resources and energy, and the other to be a ministry of commerce, industry and growth. These two ministries should be a practical replacement for the current positions of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Economy,” said Mickoski.


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